The Company

Versus Wealth Management is made up of highly-qualified finance professionals who are committed to the company and share our values of excellence.

Versus Wealth Management Sàrl is an independent management entity located in the economic and financial center of Geneva aimed at customers seeking personal relationships and quality services.

Versus Wealth Management Sàrl is completely independent from banks and agents. We work with a network of highly-qualified specialists around the world to offer our customers services which go beyond asset management; establishing a stable, lasting relationship which is personalized for each case.


Versus Wealth Management is a Swiss investment firm which is an OAR-G member, operating under the supervision of FINMA.

The Company is regulated by the OAR-G [925]
for the fight against money laundering
and to oversee common practices in asset management, operating under the supervision of FINMA.


The fundamental principles on which our business is based and which help us in achieving our goal of becoming a large account management entity are:

Our Clients’ interests always come First.

Experience tells us that serving our customers well will ensure our own success.

Integrity and Honesty:

Pillars of our Success.

Our people hold high ethical standards for everything they do, both in their work with our company and in their personal lives.

Our Assets:


Our People

Our Reputation

Our Customers


Managed Accounts

The Purest Foreign Exchange Market.

We offer our Managed Accounts.

Aimed at investors who do not have time to devote to trading but do not want to miss the action of the market, offering a platform through which they can display all operations performed in real time (5/24).

Portfolio Managed Program

Who should consider investing under our Portfolio Management Program?

Any investor seeking:

  • A liquid investment with a low correlation to traditional asset classes like stocks and bonds.

  • Great potential benefits resulting from the exploit of market inefficiencie

  • Independence from economic cycles.

  • Participation in a centralized, sophisticated investment strategy.

Range of funds

For an Autonomous Management

We offer a variety of foreign exchange funds that follow different strategies and are governed by different investment profiles ranked by risk profiles, profitability, etc …

His particular Manager will help you choose the most and best suited to their profile.

Versus Wealth Management Sàrl.

Rue du Port, 8-10

CasePostale 3628·1211 Genève 3 Suisse.

Phone. +41 (22) 518 07 57

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